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7 month post op laminotomy L4-5

Started by nervepaingoaway on 10/15/2019 1:46pm

Hi All, anyone still getting leg pain, pins n needles, shocks on the foot? Calf muscle twitches and cramping back of thigh?
I’m 7 months post op from a discectomy at L4-5
Last mri shows no nerve impingement but I feel the same as b4 surgery! Maybe a 20% change but that’s it!
Any help or advice would greatly appreciated!

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I am 9 weeks after decompression of L3 L4 and he was supposed to do L5 but I don't believe he did. I still have the same pain as before the surgery. I went to see another doctor who told me that had to have the bars removed so that they can get an accurate MRI View to assess the situation. Sorry to say you may be in the same boat if you're still having the same pain


Was supposed to do L5? You should know if you did or didn’t do you would’ve told you, I did an MRI after the surgery and it showed no nerve compression but scar tissue


I did MRI and it showed laminectomy of L3 and L4 but did not say anything about the L5. Surgeon says he did do it I have to go get an independent doctor to do and take a look at MRI which is really hard to find. It's hard to find a doctor who will tell you the truth and go against another doctor. But that's what I'm facing oh, and I hope to have the bars and screws removed soon. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it!