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Back disorder

Started by Kyle40 on 10/09/2019 9:52pm

Im new to the site. Im 40yr old male ive had 6 spine surgeries since may of 2017 5 of which were fusions. My 1st surgery was a discecotmy at t1-t1 in may of 17. 2 weeks later i was walking around my back yard and stepped in a hole a felt sharp pain in lower back with radiating pain down my right leg so i had a mri and discovered a ruptured disc at L4-L5. In September of 17 i had a min evasive surgery to remove the disc off nerve. While my surgeon was doing operation the disc ruptured out the other side and when i woke up from surgery i was hurting worse than before surgery. 1 week later another mri discovered that rupture and that the disc height was completely gone so in march of 2018 i had a plif at L-L5. Felt good about 6-8 weeks out and my legs started hurting and throbbing TERRIBLY to were i couldn't walk 15ft. So i had a discogram done in October 18 and discovered L3-L4,L5-S1 disc were completry gone in midlle and all the dye had leaked out into my spinal column area so in December 2018 i had another plif from L3-S1 with a redo of L4-5 done. My back felt better as far as motion on those levels but my legs hadn't quit hurting.as i was on myhealing i had had enough of the pain with trying to walk that we went further and my neurosurgeon specializes in si joint fusions so with all the required test it was determined that i had bilateral si joint disorder and in the ct scan it show my joint completely wore out. On August 9 2019 i had my first left si joint fusion. 6 week follow up done exray to check all screws rods placement and didnt look good so i had another ct scan and discovered my screws are loose on my L5 -S1 level. Dr said thats they only level that didnt fuse. On September 27 19 done my right si joint fusion. Im tired of hurting and being cut on

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