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Thoracic pain with breathing issues, chronic

Started by gabriel559 6 days 14 hours ago


My name is Gabriel. I am brand new to this site and forum. I am a 35 yr old male from California. I am about 6'2 210. Fairly good shape. I was rear-ended in my vehicle in July 2018. Also a fall, I partially tore my right ACL in late Nov 2018. Was rehabbing that. My problems started in Feb. 2019. My thoracic area would hurt between my shoulder blades. I've had the normal back pain everyone would have from time to time. I've seen chiropractors that would help. This time though was different. I experienced breathing issues. It was difficult to take a deep breath. Highly unusual. The condition worsened. Exists til this day. I made a trip to a clinic and x-ray didn't reveal anything. A trip to my primary several days later, he suggested a muscle issue. The problem continues to get worse. I've had a ct scan several months ago and requested a pulmonologist to find out is it my lungs or back causing these issues. To me, I'm at a loss because it's not just pain I have to deal with but the breathing issues. I'm getting worried. I want a Mri. I've been doing stretching exercises trying to help but it's not. I need help. I don't know where to turn and it's affecting me greatly. Thank you to anyone that may offer advice or lead me to relief because I do feel out of options.
Thank you, Gabriel

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