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The MRI report says Herniated disc

Started by Bioniclady48 on 09/25/2019 7:43pm

I’d been having back pain for years. I had a MRI in 2012 that stated the herniated disc and they wasn’t bad enough for surgery or even injections. My back pain is unbearable. I recently had a cervical fusion back in June of 2019 and I’m in the worst pain and other crazy symptoms that I had before the surgery. My lower back is still in pain but as stated by the physicians it’s arthritis and my MRI report simply stated I have a herniated disc on the l4-l5 along with arthritis. My family physician she’s reading the report and stated there’s nothing on the report about a herniated disk. I told her it’s in the last paragraph and she kept saying I don’t see that. You just have arthritis. When does a herniated disc become arthritis?
I’m on gabapentin 100mg but that’s for my nerve pain and it’s definitely not doing anything for the back pain. I’m getting very frustrated with this and I lost my job back in January 2019 from all of this going on..
too depressing

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