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Started by Misty80 on 09/23/2019 6:08pm

Sciatica and bilateral leg pain for over a year. Mri report said minimal disc protrusion slight effacement of the anterior thecal sac
I have done injections, therapy, nerve medication. Nothing helps!
I work and have 3 children. My mri is pretty much the same as a year ago. I have not talked to the surgeon yet but the Pa said probably not a option. I can’t have any more injections so now what am I just supposed to suffer from back and leg pain.

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I have severe sciatica and have for many years. I have had 6 spinal surgeries to repair herniated discs, synovial cysts, stenosis and compressed nerves, hardware failure... none have even touched on my sciatic pain. Now, my leg and foot go into severe muscle spasms all the time and make it difficult to sleep. All the surgeries were necessary, I was told, got 2nd opinions on some- my neck and back were injured in accidents. What I’m trying to tell you is that surgery doesn’t necessarily fix the problem. Stretching, walking more, ice heat, RX for Voltaren Gel, taking Tylenol and/ or Ibuprofen before an activity you know will be challenging- not waiting for the pain to worsen are all helpful things. You can also try a TENS unit to use in the evening- doesn’t cure the problem, but sure helps you ignore it. Sometimes the problem can go away as time goes by because your back changes. My mom’s disappeared as she got older . I feel your pain and wish I had a cure!


I have been slowly "curing" myself of sciatic pain after surgery by working with someone who has taught mw how to stand, sit, walk, and basically live properly to reduce stress on all of my joints and bones.

I thought it was complete B.S. when I started but I had nothing to lose after trying everything else and almost dying due to surgical wound infection, and I am a completely different person now. And not even fully through the treatment program.

Look into alternative therapies before any more surgery. Reach out if want any more info.