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neck pain

Started by metro0007 on 08/22/2019 12:29pm

about 4 months ago. I started with neck pain , neck so tight can't put my head back and lie down. went to emergency room. mri said i was fine, cervical ridiculopathy gave me a neck brace. Went to dr said mri was fine did blood work said no inflamation. I take synthrod no thyroid and she said my sugar was high and put me on pill. said it was in my head and gave me zoloft , started going doen back numbness in legs and arms. i get a vibration all oover can hardly walk. Went to chiro, acccupuncure , cupping . trigger point massage , 24 trigger point shots, chiro again, back to dr went to hospital in an ambulance i couldnt stand the tghtness of my neck feels like its closing my throat. i can't work, went to nerologist said my mri is fine scheduled a emg for carpel tunnel 6 weeks out couldnt get an appt. went back to dr said its in my head taking paxil not in my head she said she cant help me, its pschosomatic terrible dr. Now send me to rheumatologist. I can't work the chiro said my muscles are very tight cant loosen them. I want to give up I can't any more no one can help me im only 54. Can anyone tell me whats wrong.??

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Hi, metro0007, I’m really sorry you are going through all this! First of all, no doctor should ever say “it’s all in your head.” But antidepressants CAN help with pain, but that doesn’t mean it’s all in your head!! It’s like saying Ibuprofen is good for fever AND pain. Have you seen a neurosurgeon or pain specialist? They should be able to help figure out what your options are. Best wishes!


Please make sure you report any doctor who is treat
ing you unfairly to patient services. Also if you have cell phone record conversion.