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CSF leak help?

Started by kathyy on 08/21/2019 5:10pm

Does anyone on this board have experience with a csf leak? About 4 years ago my spinal cord stimulator leads fell apart in my back. Since then, headaches, a drippy nose, equilibrium and cognitive issues have haunted me. I had a test abt 3 years ago that was negative. I never sneeze but when I get up in the morning my nose starts running as soon as I lean over my sink to wash my face. Nothing helps. I have tested negative for ALL allergies. I have headaches in the afternoon and constant fatigue. I need only bend over or lift something mildly heavy to start the Faucet all over. I can replicate the runny nose at will. The secretions are crystal clear with what looks like droplets of water mixed in with mucus.

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? Kathy

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