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Disc Herniation at L3-4 with extruding disk material-compressing L4 nerve root. STORY PLUS QUESTIONS I HAVE A PRE OP DATE Sept 25 2019

Started by Kayce2019 on 08/14/2019 3:53am

Hello, I am a 28 year old, female, weighing 204lbs and 5'6. I've been a very active woman my entire life. I enjoy sports, walking & hiking.
In 2013 when I started my job in nursing as a Personal Support Worker I injured my lower back.Doctor ensured me it was just a muscle strain. I suffered from excuriating pain. I was bed ridden for a entire month and slept on the floor. Pain was mostly located in my hip, my hip would swell and throb, which caused immobilty. My lower back would ache and the pain would radiate into my leg leaving me with leg weakness & numbness.
After a long 3 months of recovery I returned back to work & my activities. From that injury on I moved forward with my life suffering with symptoms of a weak back on and off. My hip/ back would go out on me from time to time and I would recovery fairly quickly taking a few days off. Once I felt as if I was healed enough I continued to play sports and I eventually went back to school to further my education. Over the years I complained of a sore back, switched doctors multiple times and endured frequent visits eating pain killers and antiinflammitorie and staying active.
In Sept 2018 my entire life changed. I finish nursing school, my fiance and I had bought a home & began to plan a wedding and extend our family and I was able to return to sports 3 times a week. Once school was done I began to work full time again, picking up OT often, I was packing heavy boxes and moving to our new home, I was playing sports three times a week again, I had gained some extra weight from school and stress and on top of it I was busy around the clock.
It all began after a loong day of work rushed home to grab my stuff and head to volleyball. It was our finals so we had three games that evening. I remember being on the court for last point and I went to bump the volleyball and I felt a sharp pain in my buttock and lower back  as well as painful pull in my back which knocked the wind out of me and I dropped to the floor. My friend looked at me and said " is it your back? " & I nodded yes.
I was stiff and could only bare weight on one side, my hip began to swell and my leg was tingling. I drove home quickly.
As I walked into my home I immediately went and had a hot bath after  I stretched and put ice on my lower back. I tossed and turned the whole night in agony.  I decided to put a mattress on the living room floor. I went to get up later that day and I couldn't move. I was stiff and with any movement muscle spasms began to torment my body which made me scream, cry and yelp in pain. My mom and fiance tried to help me up using multiple techniques to assist me up off the floor. We tried for almost 3 hours. We ended up calling paramedics (2 men) who got me up by hand. I was in so much pain I went into shock and fainted. I was rushed to the hospital and recieved Nerve Block Injections:
A doctor injects the area around the nerve with a numbing medicine such as Lidocaine. After a nerve block injection, youre quickly numbed with near-complete pain relief. ER Doctor then recommend I follow up with family doctor for Xray and MRI. Sent me home with pain meds and muscle relaxors and six sessions of physio.
I had a xray done- results showed no breaks or fractures.
Specalist apt- stated no scoliosis of spine but some arthritis in my hip and back which causes me pain. Prescribed me antimflammitories for arthritis.
New Doctor - diagnoses me with severe scoliosis of the spine, obese and muscle strain. Doctor treated me with T3s, and antiinflammitories. Doctor refused to send me for MRI right away and suggested 2 months of physio therapy, diet and rest.
Physio-thought SI joint dysfunction or herniated disk
I suffer from chronic hip pain, as well as lower back pain & siactica. My family doctor was sure I had scoliosis of the spine. As my hip would swell amd stick out and it looked as if my one leg was shorter than the other. I literally looked like a leaning tower. My hip causes me more pain sometimes than my back. At this time I am unable to participate in sports, I cannot walk long distant, physio therapy was making my symptoms worse.
I Finally demanded a MRI as front line treatment was not helping my situation and I was sure I didn't have scoliosis of the spine.

My doctor finally agreed to send me for a MRI after six months of front line treatment I waited three months for this MRI apt. I then began to go into a deep depression, insomnia, anxiety and on top of it Chronic pain symptoms: unable to walk r/t pain, aching back, throbbing hip pain, pain radiating down my right leg, numbness, tingling, cold shin, muscle spams, hunched back, unable to stand or sit too long. Literally my back/hip pain has sucked the life out of me!
My MRI results came in and my back is a mess.
MRI results came in showing : Spondylitic changes  as indicated from L3-4 through to L5-S1. Disk herniation  with extruding disk martial at L3 with indicated that right lateral recess  narrowing compressing the descending l4 nerve roots.History of severe scoliosis provided however no evidence of scoliosis.
I made an apt to see the doctor 5 days after my MRI apt. I walked into the office and he said I have referred you to a neurosurgeon and I recommend you have  back surgery. He prescribed me pregabalin for neuropathy pain, and depression, hydromorphone 10mg a day for pain 12hr extending capsules, flexirol for muscle spasms and antiinflammitories for the inflammiton on my hip. I had to stop taking antiinflammitories as I began to get sick from them and now investigating a possible peptic ulcer.
I have an appointment with the neurosurgeon sept 25th. I am so excited to meet with him and hoping to get my life back. I still suffer from all the symptoms I have provided during my journey of hell.

I have questions maybe we can talk about.

Tell me a little about yourself?
What did the doctor first diagnosis you with ?
What are you symptoms like?
What helps with your pain besides medication?
Did you or do you have any hip pain from your herniated disk?
Were you or are you able to walk with your pain?
What medication has helped you and what are you taking now ?
How did you injury yourself?
What were your MRI results or xray results like?
Do you suffer from insomnia, depression or anxiety along with the pain?
Are you or have you had surgery?
What kind of surgery?
What was your experience like pre op and post op?
How long did surgery apt take after pre op?
Did surgery help you get your life back?
How is your life now after surgery?

Answer what you can relate too..

Im struggling with this pain and I am desperate for surgery ..hoping it helps get my life back

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