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Terrible pain in center low back L4-L5?

Started by nicolastella on 08/07/2019 3:14pm

I had low back pain for few years now, but since a couple a weeks ago my symptoms became much worst. I had to go the ER one night for the pain. The pain is central low back, and I have no pain in legs or foots. I can not walk more than 2 mins without pain. I need to sit or bending forward to feel less pressure, but pain is constant. I did an MRI but this was the result: At L4-5, a diffuse disc bulge is seen with convexity 1 to 2 mm posterior without focal protrusion. Mild-to-moderate bilateral facet degenerative changes seen which is below facet effusions. No significant central canal narrowing is noted. Minimal left and trace right neural foraminal narrowing is seen."
I'm waiting to return back to the doctor, but in the meanwhile is anyone able to tell me what causing my terrible pain? From the MRI report it doesn't look like so terrible, but I can barely walk for the pain.
Thanks, Nicola

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