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Been hurting since 2002

Started by Scooby Doo 62 on 07/29/2019 6:30am

Moved to Oklahoma in March of 2002. My welcoming comimentee was a drunk driver 3 months later. I kept working until 2007 and in that time I got 3 different appionions to have surgery or not. Two of the Drs said not to and one said do it. So, I went with the odds instead of against the odds. It would be the worse mistake I would ever make. My fusion starts at L3 and goes to S1. My hardware had been in since June of 2007 and do have broken screws just don't know how many. Was on pain pills but Dr retired now all I get is 84 vicadon 7.5 325 mg might as well give me a bag of M M's. I used to be on Methadone 10mg and I had no pain at all.

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Dear Scooby Doo 62, I'm sorry you are in so much pain. Are you near any large city where you can find a pain clinic? Or even a medium size city would do. I, too had degenerative disk disease, scoliosis and eventually total spinal fusion. But I'm not sorry, because without it , eventually my lung would have be compromised. I had my first fusion 47 years ago and the last one in 2003. My advice is get a different dr. who will listen to you. Some of them don't listen very well. And find another pain clinic quickly. Good luck and God bless you.