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Delicate neck surgery

Started by dixi34 on 06/07/2019 6:42pm

I am about to have a three level neck fusion. I have been putting this off for a long time and waited too long. Now the pressure on my spinal cord is severe and actually causing bruising of the spinal cord. Has anyone else been in this position? Seems that the surgery will have to be very delicate. Anyone else been in this position? I am terrified! I have had four other back surgeries, including one level fusion, but all have been in the lower spine. Any information, tips or advice would be welcome. Thanks

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I had the similar bruising in my spinal cord. I am 6 month post op recovery is just a waiting game, even the doctors cant give you a recovery time for the damaged nerves. I pray for your surgery and recovery


I had 4 level fusions in my neck and two level in my lower back. The back was caused by discs crumbled pinching my sciatic nerve, affecting my right leg. It was cleared up, able to walk again and put pressure on right leg. The neck , not so lucky, much harder surgery, shrinking spine, spinal stenosis. Pins needles, numbness. Hand function problem. Thought that too was over, but now nubness. Pins and needles, pain in neck, surgical site hurts, now in intense pain, back on P/P and going back to Neurosurgeon.