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Posted in: Back pain, and Herniated disc.

L5/S1 Nerve Compression Little Toe! Help!

Started by Ksborkow on 05/27/2019 4:18pm

Hi all!

8 months ago I herniated my L5 S1. The first few days I was in a lot of pain, could barely move. However after about 4 months my pain went away (for the most part) and the tingling, hot / cold and weakness feeling kicked in. 85% in my left leg 15% in my right leg

I’ve gone through 2 months of physical therapy and all the stretches they recommend on a daily basis. Inversion table, foam roller, getting back into the gym doing moderate cardio.

8 months later my back feels pretty darn good however I still notice tingling in my little toe on my left foot. Mainly when I put on my work shoes or shoes in general. It’s the most annoying feeling ever, it feels like my sock is stuck between my 4th and 5th toe but it’s not! I assume this is a result of s1 nerve compression. It’s better than it was when I first hurt my back but it’s still annoying me 8 months later! I’m losing hope and thinking it will be like this forever. Anyone have any advice? What can I do to help make this go away. My PT says “that’s the nerve you feel, stretching will help that go away”

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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