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Post-Op Issues

Started by ColdWarMarineVet on 05/26/2019 12:23pm

I had Spondylolythesis where my S-1 broke and moved forward causing severe Sciatica. In March 2015 I underwent a 7 hour fusion of the S-1, L-5/4. I felt great. A year later, I became a Certified SPIN Instructor and teach four 1-hr classes a week. About a month ago, I was on the train home from work and dropped my ticket and had to bend over to retrieve it. I had to really bend in order to get something flat on the floor. I was very sore afterwards and did some ice. I have been experiencing tingling and numbness...feeling like little needles sometimes in my left leg and sometimes in both, along with numbness in the ankles and in some toes. My surgeon is no longer taking new patients and because it has been several years since I was last there, I would be considered a new patient.

Has anyone known people who have had issues with the cages from a fusion becoming loose or breaking? I hate the thought of having to go back to my PC Physician to start the whole process over....I felt so good that I forgot about even having prior back problems. I work out 6 days a week and turn 62 in a little over a month. I am really feeling down knowing that this is all because of me doing something stupid.

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I am 14 days post op from back surgery L4, L5 and S1. This is my second surgery. I had surgery 2015 and the most recent being 14 days ago.

The pain has been horrific. I have called my Surgeon in middle of night, went to emergency room to get relief from pain. My Dr kept saying give it time ... it will get better...!!’

This past weekend I woke up Saturday, gently roll on side and put my feet on floor to stand up and my right leg was totally numb, couldn’t put any pressure on it. I stay in bed all day , wake up Sunday and same results. Monday morning comes and have a little more control and feeling back. So I just told myself I must have slept wrong.

Today , as the day progressed, it finally hit me. I have foot drop ! Had it in 2014. It was 90 degree and fixed it with surgery.

I get surgery 14 days ago and now I have developed foot drop after surgery and still in terrible pain.

Had anyone experienced this? I am mentally and physically drained.



Sorry to hear about this. It must suck having to have a second surgery in 4 years? In addition to the come and go of numbness and tingling I feel like I am experiencing foot drop. I feel like I am walking and bouncing and it feels odd placing my foot down. I am not sure if I should seek another surgoen's opinion?