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Help!!! I feel stuck!

Started by Cjabbo on 05/24/2019 2:58pm

Hi all, im new to the group and i guess im reaching out to you for some support.
Ive had 2 disecamys and a spinal fusion all on l3 l4 l5.
This all happened in a wirl wind of three years.

Obviously my hope was the fusion would work!
Its now 3 years of pain since the fusion surgery and constants battles with gp's and pain management teams. I was told everything was fine mri scans showed it had fused and it was a mental thing as much as anything.

Ive pushed for a second opinion and its took a year to get a further nerve root block a spinal brace and other tests.
The new consultant is sat on the fence he was going to refur me back to pain management when a radiologist asked for a ct scan. The results are a big doubt if the fusion has fused and i have 2 loose pedicle screws! Its going to an mdt meeting! But as uve had 3 surgeries it could be more risky than the pain i have now! Sometimes thats hard to believe. I just feel stuck and my life is on constant hold waiting and living in pain! Medication is tough to get right! I don't want to get lost in strong medication, been their and it wasn't great for me.

I try meditation and stretching and to keep myself busy best i can. Some days i just want to give in!

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