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Fusion to correct flat back?

Started by Hillary Gee on 05/11/2019 3:36pm

Hello! I was first diagnosed with flat back syndrome at 18, just one of many issues with my spine. I'm now 60. Until now, every single medical professional I consulted about my back told me it couldn't be fixed. 3 months ago, I consulted a neurosurgeon for a spinal cord stimulator and he said he could correct the curve (or lack thereof)!!! Of course I feel I need to try this. Walking is too painful and even sitting up is becoming a challenge. I'm blessed to be able to work from home. I only leave the house for water aerobics and PT. But I haven't been able to find any research on this and neither has my pain doc. I asked to talk with someone who's had these procedures (both ALIF and PLIF). So far nobody's contacted me, but it could be the front desk staff,.. They didn't impress me. The surgeon also said that I could get the SCS later, after this heals. My last fusion was in 2012 (L3-5, 4-5, and L5-S1) and took over a year to heal. I'm not looking forward to this, but how can I pass up a chance to maybe get some of my life back?

Anyhow, surgery will be on June 21. I'd love to hear from folks waiting for their surgery - hoping we can support each other!

Best of luck to all.

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Hi Hillary — Three summers ago I underwent a 15-level instrumented fusion for flat back syndrome. The recovery was brutal, but since then I haven’t had a day of pain. I hope your surgery is as successful. Good lock to you —