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Posted in: Back pain, Chronic pain, and Scoliosis.

Unknown severe T7 T8 pain

Started by as32485 on 05/07/2019 7:29pm

To start I’m a 27 year old mother of two. Over the last 3 months I have been suffering from what went from mild back pain with this ever so slight protrusion to the right of my spine right around my t7- t8 vertebrae. There was no injury to my back whatsoever. I work in retail at a convenience store. My days are typically pretty laid back with the occasional delivery of our truck for merchandise and our supplies. However I am extremely cautious of what I pick up and how I do it, this is because I experience intense abdominal pain when trying to lift anything more then 10-15lbs my doctor has told me the pain I’m experiencing is due to the 3 consecutive surgeries following my youngest daughters birth in 2015, have resulted in abdominal adhesions. The pain I had initially felt was just at that one spot right along the right side of my t7-t8. My pain tolerance is quite high typically and I’m not really one to run to the doctor for every little thing. With that being said I left it go. Initially I believed it to be just a really bad knot in my back, so I just started sleeping on my right side that way I wasn’t laying on it and creating more pressure and the spot was pretty tender to the touch. After first noticing the protrusion I had almost forgotten about the pain, because like I said my pain tolerance is oddly high, I had just figured out how to accommodate for the pain by laying in bed differently walking slightly different to holding my shoulders differently. I have always been told that I generally have good posture. I stand up straight with my shoulders slightly back whenever I walk and at standstill. However after about a month in a half the pain had become exceedingly worse. It radiated up and down my spine and right along the side of my spine about 2-3 inches both ways. At this point the right side of my back appeared to be almost swollen/raised. Back when I was about 14 my school had mandatory scoliosis screenings. I was told my thoracic spine had a curve. I cannot recall to which direction it curved however. A letter was sent home to inform my mother what the school had found and in the letter it stated to follow up with my pcp. My mother never made a follow up appointment. I do not know to what degree my curve was or is. I finally went to an urgent care due to not being able to tolerate the pain any longer, to have in examined (recommenced by my primary doctor because they have imaging available right in the office, that due to the scoliosis I would require it.) Even after telling them about my scoliosis I was told it was muscular. He pushed around to feel my spine and where I was tender. He never even examined my back formally. The Doctor had asked during the visit what I had been doing for pain relief. I told him that I had been taking Tylenol and ibuprofen at first alternating them, and when that had not worked that I had began taking them together just trying to get the pain to subside. I also told him how I tried naproxen left over from chronic knee pain (also told was muscular, ended up being moderate to severe arthritis) nothing I had tried even began to touch on the pain I was experiencing. The urgent care doctor told me he believed it to be muscular. He could tell I was furious. He ordered me a stronger muscle relaxer and more naproxen, and told me he recommended that I get a massage. I wanted to scream. I would have hit anyone who even touched my back at that point. Now it’s about 1.5- 2 months since that appointment and the pain is unbearable, as I’m writing this I’m contemplating on going to the emergency room because I know they will at least do an X-ray. My vertebrae itself is extremely tender even to the slightest touch, the pain is radiating up to my neck and to the right over my rib cage, and also in my armpit on occasion. Heaven forbid I sneeze or cough, the amount of pain in my spine almost drops me to my knees. It’s painful if I bend forward too far. I am completely unable to lay back on it even on the sofa. The pain is equally as bad wether I’m sitting or standing. The only position I am able to fall asleep in when I finally do is on my right side, as odd as that may sound. When I lay on my left side it almost feels as though my spine is pulling and it give off an intense pressure in my mid/ upper back. I don’t know what to do anymore. The pain is unbearable, I cannot deal with this any longer. If anyone could potentially give me some insight I would be forever grateful. Sorry for the Novel, but thank you for taking the time to read

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