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Radiculopathy/neuropathy unexplainable

Started by Colet on 04/23/2019 8:25pm

I have been living with extreme left leg/knee/foot and ankle pain for 9 months; it all started with an electric pressure like bolt down my leg (no injury) occurred while bearing down a bit. I have constant burning esp back of knee and ankle. My low back hurts but leg is worse. Lumbar MRI showed a slight stenosis at L4-L5 level but doctor says not that bad? I also get warmth rush sensations traveling from lateral mid calf to side of foot and arch. Toes get tingly feeling randomly. I have had ankle MRI as it felt like I had ruptured a ligament; came back “relatively normal.” This is not going away as many doctors have said, every time I do any type of activity ( just standing, walking short distance) gets worse. Physical therapy made it worse also even though I tried to stick with it. I am so frustrated an underlying cause of pain can’t be found certainly and know my body is screaming at me that something is causing all this. If it is my lumbar spine why does it read as “not that bad” making me question it as being the reason. Anyone out there experience this or any physicians happening on this that have some insight or advice, I would be forever grateful. C

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No two people feel the same thing with identical MRI's. There is no such thing as 'slight stenosis' if it is causing radiculopathy or nerve pain, which is NO joke. This is your body telling you what is to come if you dont adjust your weight/life style and what you do for a living. Working construction, walking, carrying, climbing for a living are no longer realistic endeavors. You can live with minimal symptoms but will have to adjust your daily practices.