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Bulging Lumbar Discs - L4, L5 & S1

Started by mabney on 04/17/2019 9:23am

I started with tailbone pain in Feb. 2018, no falls, no injury. Sitting all day at work was painful and made it worse. After dealing with tailbone pain for almost a year and multiple doctors & tests on November 2018, I finally found out through an MRI that I have 2 bulging discs in my lumbar that is pushing on nerves causing my tailbone pain. The doctor also said I have degenerative disc disease.
There is no pain radiating down my legs. I have had 2 epidural injections in my lower back with some relief. The pain is now in my lower back area as well. Even walking around for a while when I sit the tailbone area hurts.
I recently have undergone traction at a chiropractors office and it seemed to help a little. I just bought an inversion table and I am hoping with regular use it will give me lasting relief.
I am not big on using prescription drugs, just don't like side effects that they all come with. The doctor did prescribe an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers to use as needed.
Is anyone else in my boat out there? If the inversion doesn't work, I am not sure what to do. Other than this, I am healthy with no other health conditions. I am 53 but some days I feel 90!

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