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Deadlift injury...herniated disc with nerve compression

Started by Backqueen666 on 04/04/2019 5:32am

I am a 44 yr old male and have been working out with weights since 25 years. On a rather cold day i did not warm up and heard 3 cracking sounds in my spine while deadlifting. I was in moderate pain for 3 days and walking with a bent back. Post 6 weeks i have no pain but mri shows severe nerve compression and moderate herniated disc at L5. My surgeon said no surgery needed as of now. I have been doing physical therapy since 5 days but still get numbness and pins n needles in both feet after walking for 10 minutes. However i can continue to walk and after 15 more minutes the numbness and pins n needles is gone. How long will the numbness and pins n needles bother me? Is my nerve still compressed or slowly healing? I have stopped hitting the gym since a month to rest. Am i on the path to recovery?

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