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Waist Pain on my wright buttoms through my leg

Started by William Koblah ... on 04/02/2019 7:21pm

I have been experiencing a sharp pains in my waist on my wright buttons through my leg to my toe for almost s year now , pls can you give me a medication or a cure to that ?

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I have been going through this for 5 years, and can tell
Were to start....get a pain management doctor that
Will start with injections into the sciatic area in the
Lower Spine. If they help (which may, it will help
With the inflammation)! I did that first....many, many
Injections! Chiropractor (many) times, no relief, and
2 trips to Cleveland Clinic (they were of no help at all)!
This is a very long, and difficult journey!
I and a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted 2 years ago,
Which helps by sending signals to the brain), and helps
In its own way. You know just how much it helps when
You let the battery that is implanted run out (you have
To keep it charged up), but OMG....trust me, it does help
With the pain!
I even had the surgery in October 2018 to have the nerve in
The sciatica area released. It’s a work in process, but
Until you have this pain, and can’t live with it, you will
Know this journey! Again, you will go through testing to
Know if the steps are necessary, mine were! But it does
Not happen overnight!
I thank God for the pain management doctor that I have!
I am at the point that they Spinal Cord Stimulator, and
The Percocet that I use to control it are “life” as I know it!
Good luck to you as you search for relief! You are not
Alone. Don’t accept NO, they are not living with the
Pain! I have a high pain tolerance, but this has kicked
My ass! Nerve pain is the worse! The longer you
Let this go, the worse it will be!
Good luck on your journey my friend!


Please get it checked to neurosurgeon. I did let it go for months and end up having a emergency surgery. Its better now than aggravated to final state.


Hi, William, you might find an article on this site to be helpful. It’s “Herniated Lumbar Disc with Sciatica.” Best wishes!