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Spinal Cord Stimulator

Started by CRPSpatient on 04/02/2019 10:08am

Hello, I would love to hear from you if you've had a spinal cord stimulator for several months or longer. I have to decide if I want to have the trial. I have had both cervical and lumbar surgeries leaving me with constant pain from the waist down. I know it's not a cure, just hoping to find feedback on your experience.

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Hi there. I am a 70 year old female and I am dealing with the results of scoliosis and numerous spinal fusions because I had disc degeneration. Finally I had a total fusion in 2003. Everything was going all right for several years, then I started having a lot of pain in my left leg that wouldn't be fixed. When the pain Dr. I go to suggested I try a spinal stimulator, I said why not. That was 2 years ago. It took care of the pain in my leg, but because of where it is placed, it doesn't help pain anywhere else. I think it was a good decision on my part and I would do it again. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Susan 49


I am 63 and am going on 2 years with mty SCS! I
had it implanted due to sciatica, which I had already
Done everything possible to get relief, including 2 trips
To Cleveland Clinic, and a Surgery to relieve the sciatica
Nerve. The Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) works in
It’s own way, and you don’t appreciate just how much
Until you let the battery that is implanted run out!
It does not take ALL the pain away, but works in a way
That sends signals to your brain that HELP with pain.
I do not regret implanting it, and have learned that it
Helps in a way only you will learn to appreciate!


I did the trial. I have lumbar and cervical pain, etc. When I moved it would amplify the shock that I had it set at and it would also send it shooting down my arms and legs. As a former electrician I don't care much for being shocked. Doctor said he could adjust it but I said what happens when if it comes out of place? I didn't keep it. My guess is the nerves are shorting out in my neck causing the shocks down my arms. If it's not to expensive it won't hurt to tyr it.


I have had one for 8 years. It helps some of my pain. I had to have it replaced and find the new one is far less helpful, as I can not set this one to run constantly. Would I do it again no. Because the new models can not be set to run constantly, but it does work by relieving pain somewhat. I am still on strong pain meds, and I am still limited in activities. Good luck and hope it works well for you.


I have had my SCS for 5 years, I have not used it on any regular amount of time since a year after I got it. I started out getting crazy shocks, they reprogramed it. Soon I found that I couldn't urinate if it was on. It didn't matter what program. I went to the Dr. and the boston scientific rep. came but it didn't help. I have contacted boston scientific and they say it must be installed wrong and the Dr. says its installed perfectly. So here I am, can't use the stim. except for short periods. And can't get it removed, its crazy.