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20 years later...

Started by k5mitch on 03/21/2019 9:58pm

Let me start out with a bit of history about myself: I had a
Lumbar L4--L5 herniated disc 1998, had surgery and things have gone downhill since. I find my walking is about 15 minutes max. My newest problem has been on and off for a year except know it is on all the time. Sitting relieves the pain witch is in my hips and sacrum bilaterally. Here is a copy and paste from my last MRI witch I believe was in 2015.
FINDINGS: There is a mild scoliosis of the spine. There are diffuse marrow
signal changes lumbar vertebrae which most likely are degenerative in nature.
There are chronic appearing Schmorl's nodes at all lumbar levels in addition to
anterior spurring. The conus medullaris is unremarkable. There is prominence of
fat signal within the spinal canal at L1 through the sacrum consistent with
changes of epidural lipomatosis. This exacerbates bony changes of spinal
stenosis which are present. Advanced multilevel degenerative changes will be
described below.

L1-2: Borderline spinal stenosis related to combination of advanced disk
degeneration/annulus bulge, short AP dimension of pedicles, degenerative facet
disease, and epidural lipomatosis. 

L2-3: Moderate spinal stenosis with clumped appearance of lumbar nerve roots
related to combination of disk degeneration/annulus bulge, advanced facet
disease, short AP dimension of pedicles, and epidural lipomatosis. Borderline
right sided neuroforaminal narrowing.

L3-4: Severe spinal stenosis with associated crowding of lumbar nerve roots
related to advanced degenerative facet disease with annulus bulge/marginal
spurring, short AP dimension of pedicles, degenerative facet changes, and
epidural lipomatosis. Additional findings of right sided lateral disk protrusion
with associated spurring associated with narrowing of the right L3 neuroforamen.

L4-5: Degenerated disk with asymmetric annulus bulge on the left side and
degenerative facet changes are associated with severe left L4 neuroforaminal
narrowing. Additional findings of borderline spinal stenosis and mild right
neuroforaminal stenosis.

L5-S1: Degenerated disk with bilateral marginal spurring. Advanced degenerative
facet disease. High grade bilateral neuroforaminal stenosis.

IMPRESSION: Severe degenerative changes with evidence of multilevel associated
spinal stenosis and neuroforaminal narrowing. Impingement upon the dural sac is
exacerbated by additional findings of epidural lipomatosis.
Anyone wanting to chime in with some suggestions with stretching or whatever feel free to do so.

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