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Prosthetic L5 Disc nerve damage in foot

Started by KSM2176 on 03/19/2019 12:33am

Hi everyone, I'm in need of some advice from someone who may have experienced something similar to what I have. I have DDD in my L5 and I've had 2 discectomies and 3 years ago I had a total disc replacement of my L5 and now have a prosthetic disc. Needless to say, I have chronic nerve damage and pain in my lower legs. My L5 disc blew out onto my S1 nerve and sat there for two months before I could get surgery. It was a nightmare and has been ever since. The surgery damaged my ilioinguinal nerve and I have severe abdominal pain from that but this numb foot is concerning me now more than ever. It hasn't regenerated and after 3 years, it may not. I had an EMG and a Nerve Conduction Study today that showed no nerve damage from my knee down so the neurologist believes it's stemming from my spine somewhere. I have drop foot and signficant muscle weakness in my foot and leg so what could be going on? I was sure the S1 nerve damage would show up but it didn't so now I'm left with more questions and no answers. Has anyone experienced anything similar? TIA

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