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Started by Katedee 1 week 2 days ago

Has anyone here ever had or heard of a spinal tumor being misdiagnosed as a herniated disc?

I had a CT done last month related to chronic pain (5 years worth), but more recently tingling and numbness in groin, urinalysis urgency with difficulty starting flow. According to GP it’s a herniated disc L5-S1. Said it would need surgery. Referred to specialist. Specialist looked at scan and said it was urgent and I needed to be assessed but he was about to leave for 3 weeks and to call someone else. Lovely.

anyway I’m sure this will get some eye rolls but I am about to become a nurse, I have been doing extensive research in my textbooks and medical journals and the symptoms I have match specifically to a spinal tumor and not as closely to disc herniation. In speaking to other doctors I have been informed a tumor would only be confined via MRI not CT. and even if my doctor didn’t suspect a tumor the MRI should still be ordered for a disc injury to get a better look. Upon discussing this with my GP she thinks there’s no need for an MRI.... did any of you have an MRI? I would lik to have one even if I am being paranoid for my own peace of mind. Any reliable source I find says they can be misdiagnosed as disc herniation and MRI is only way to rule it either direction.

Sorry for the long post, I literally cannot sleep over this and I am desperate for answers.

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