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Screws falling ou once again.

Started by sharry605 on 03/12/2019 10:38am

I have severe arthritis and degenerative disc disease and had a 360 spinal surgery that put my lower spine in a titanium cage with plates and screws. First one done in Jacksonville Florida, After 2 years I started suffering horrible low back pain, went to doc back here in my home state of Ohio and no doc wanted to touch the mess, so I had to go to Cleveland clinic and once again go through another surgery. Of course told this was heavy duty and would last a life time. Of course we know that means nothing.

Now of course the doc at the Clinic is long gone. I live in Canton which is 70 mile from Cleveland. Decided to just go into pain management here in Canton and that would be that! Went there and they needed X-ray, did that and was called to immediately go to ortho surgeon. Screws were out again and pressing on nerves causing the severe pain.

Surgeons here say go to Cleveland, Cleveland says Doc not here anymore! What a run around and all just keep passing me on to another person, the pain is so strong I can not walk more then 5 feet and can not get in or out of bed.
Anyone have any suggestions? I am 72.

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