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Posted in: Back pain, and Surgery.

4 Weeks Post Spinal Fusion

Started by Backtoback on 03/10/2019 7:48pm

I had an anterior L4-L5, L5-S1 fusion with six screws only four weeks ago.. Up to now it has been a wonderful success considering the pain, numbness, and other problems I was having prior to the surgery. But then a few days ago, I opened a cabinet in the kitchen and something fell down, startled me and I jumped back jarring my back. Ever since then, I have been in pain and my left foot below my knee is swollen and numb. The doctor just ordered a ct scan .

Has anybody had any problems like this ? How likely is it that the screws might have broken? When I went in for my four week check up my doctor said my bones were not healing like he wished they were. This is because all the steroids I take to keep my asthma under control.

I always knew a second surgery to put the rods and cage in was a possibility, but was really hoping the conservative way would work. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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