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My chronic back pain

Started by Spinaltap 52 on 03/08/2019 10:05am

I'm so tired of being in pain and this so-called opiate epidemic that is causing so many problems, so much that we all have to suffer for the few addicts who just want to get high. I've had two surgeries already, the last one was a fusion for a double disc bone on bone pain that shoots in my left side down into my left testicle and down my left leg. they want me to go through another surgery, meanwhile, they are reducing everybody's medication regardless of each individual's pain score or lack thereof. I do not know what the hell the government is thinking, because if they were smart, they would know that this is going to cause a lot of people to start using illicit drugs to numb the severe pain or people will just commit suicide because they can't take it. maybe that is part of their plan, I don't know, but I'm tired of the injections, the surgeries, and everything else that goes with it. nothing helps but my oxycodone 30 mg tablets. I've been doing construction work for 30 years and it started taking its toll on me in the late 90s but I didn't start seeing any doctors because I just figured it was part of the job and I could handle the pain ,until I couldn't. I can barely work anymore, I don't know what to do .I've tried to get other jobs but it's hard out there for a guy who's 52 and construction is all I know. I definitely think that these doctors need to evaluate each person Case by case, but the government wants to cut everybody off ,no matter what they are going through ,what kind of pain and the severity of it , it is such b******* that we have to suffer ,the many have to suffer for the few dumbasses.
How in the hell does a fusion "go bad" anyway?
THEY put those plates and screws in you, reassuring you that "this is going to cure you". I've met people who've had up to 6 surgeries and still haven't healed. At what point don't THEY become liable for a failed surgery or surgeries! ?
Before I even thought about letting them cut into my spine, I went through the injections, and even then, they told me it would cure me, then 40 or so injections and nerve blocks by multiple doctors in two different states, and finally, after much discussion, I agree to a minimal operation. During the procedure my spine started leaking fluid, and I wake up to the news that I'm going to have to lay flat on my back in that hospital bed for two weeks because of my spinal fluid leaking. That was worse than the surgery. I couldn't recline or sit up in any way, just laying there staring at the ceiling for that long was probably the hardest part of it all.
I healed for 3 months after that. We moved back up to Maryland after giving Florida a try for three years, that's when the economy went to shit and we went into foreclosure. I caution anybody that's contemplating a move to Florida, DON'T GO!!
Everybody I met down there was from other states, mostly northern ones, and even THEY tell you their story, and it's always the same, ALWAYS.
" I've been here for 2,4,5 years and the pay sucks, which I found out real quick. I took an $8 paycut to bust my ass in that unbearable heat. They all eventually go back to the cold that drove them down there in the first place.
When I came back, it was 4 months after the surgery when I went back to work. After another 6 months, I started getting the pain again. This time, it was worse, at least by the time I decided after another round of injections, over and over, even procedures short of surgery, until it became unbearable. I kept up the injections off n on for almost another year. I did not want a fusion. I had read up on it, looked to alternatives, did a TEMS trial, which is; you go under, they insert two wires that attach to your spine at the point where the discs are rubbing, and the wires lead out to a small handheld unit with power controls for the electrical pulses it sends to your spine. So I have these wires sticking out my upper back and I have to keep that handheld device with me at all times, even when showering. It was uncomfortable to say the least. Yes, you control the voltage that it emits, but while I'm working, wearing a tool belt and all the climbing, walking, bending over, lifting, and every aspect, you have to worry about dropping or it falling off while up on a ladder or roof, and pulling the leads right out of your back. It was not working anyway. I still felt the pain, even after being at home and just laying in bed, resting.

It's full of vagrants, drunks, child molesters, and thieves working next to you. THAT IS FLORIDA .

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I have been suffering from back pain and neck pain from 3 years and I was going to 3 physician and one was Chiropractor of them. Last my Dr, of Chiropractor suggest me some exercise as regular basis and told me to change my bed and sitting chair. Now I use back pain mattress and back pain recliner. if you want to use try here
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