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Any advice? I’m getting little help from neurosurgeon and pain management

Started by Mandysmommy2 on 03/02/2019 8:35am

I had a horrible pain go down my back then suddenly I lost feeling in my left leg about 3 weeks ago with burning sensation. I knew from a year prior I had L3-S1 bone spurs and DDD and a 2mm disk bulge so I went to my PCP and asked because I was also having trouble walking, sitting if it was for more than 45 minutes so she ordered a MRI...it came back showing my DDD was about the same but my disks were now at 4-5mm from L4-S1 & my Facet joints were compressed at L4-5.
I saw pain management and they prescribed gabapentin (only rx I have and so far it doesn’t do squat) and I saw neurosurgeon and he said until my disks actually fully rupture they never do anything so I may just have to deal with it, but he will talk to pain management about epidurals and facet joint injections. I’m in absolute agony and feeling like a 45 year old with a 95 year old back and I’m super depressed because I don’t feel like my doctors care about how far my quality of life has fallen since my back has gotten worse.
If I can figure out how to get them to figure everything out I will be forever in your debt

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You are not alone. Unfortunately there are many chronic pain patients that doctors just don't want to deal with anymore. I am 48 yrs old now. I was told at 29 my spine looked like an 80 yr old. You do the math. I'm not sure if surgery would help you or not, but in my personal experience & in doing my research , I don't see many people getting relief from it. After 2 spine surgeries I've learned a lot. It took a full year just to heal from surgery. I was back to square one getting no pain relief at all, back to taking opiates. I was tired of jumping thru hoops to get my meds (which was the only thing getting me out of bed at this point). So I tapered myself off everything. I was taking 75mg MSContin every 12hrs, Percocet every 6 hrs, 2400 mg Gabapentin, Soma for muscle spasms/insomnia, & Lexapro 30mg antidepressant. Today I take blood pressure medication & OTC painkillers. I have no quality of life. Perhaps medical marijuana is the answer. At this point I'm willing to try just about anything. Except heroin. Which many people resort to for their pain. This crackdown on opiates is just making heroin addiction worse IMO. They'll see. Thanks for letting me rant & just remember that you're not alone. I don't have any good advice, I apologize. Pray without ceasing. Much love.