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Posted in: Back pain, and Chronic pain.

Pain in hip during orgasm while standing

Started by hippainstandingred on 02/25/2019 5:30pm

For the last few years I have been experiencing a pins and needles type pain radiating from the right side of my lower back that will spread into my right hip during orgasm while standing. No crazy acrobatic sex even if im just standing and masturbating. The pain will come on during moments before orgasm and only last until a few seconds after orgasm. This pain will not occur under any other circumstance. I have been weightlifting for a while and think this may be caused by stress from squats/ deadlifts. I have seen a doctor who thinks this may be due to a swollen facet joint in the L4/L5 area that is pressing on a nerve. I have been to PT as well trying different exercises to strengthen my core etc. I have not had any change to my symptom even if I take a long break from weightlifting. I also have not had any luck googling for similar situations. Any idea what is the best treatment for this and if there are other cases of this?

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