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EMNg shows damage, but MRI doesn’t

Started by Stefo94 on 02/06/2019 12:08pm

Hello, i am 24 year old male and i’ve been having wierd neurological symptoms possible from back problems (or something else).

Here it is, sorry for the long post!

In the last 11 months i have been having numbness and tingling in my left leg, left buttock and under left knee. Also a little bit pain on left low back.

After that i had pain in my legs, on both sides and stiff calf muscles, i also had buzzing sensation in my feets.

I also had occasional headaches (that last 3-4 days) and slight pain and blurrines in my right eye, also my both eyelids twitching.

Dr. Google and googling my symptoms gave me MS diagnose, i went crazy about it and i started having health anxiety about it. After that i went to a private doctor and did an MRI of my head and Neck spine (these are the areas where lesions for MS show on MRI) and both of my MRIs were clear.

After that my symptoms persisted off and on, i also started having right arm pain and wierd sensations. My anxiety persisted.

I also started experiencing twitching of my bladder/prostate/pelvic muscle after i urinate (really scary and uncomfortable).

On December 23rd, 2018. ( few weeks ago), i woke up with feeling weak in my right leg. It just feels weaker than the left leg. 10 days after that, i started experiencing severe muscle twitching in my both legs and buttocks, feet buzzing again, feet stinging, some cramps in my right calf, pain in the both legs off and on, but the weakness in my right leg persisted. Also some weakness in my right arm now.

I went to consult a doctor this time, she gave me a EMNG test which showed lesions on L4, L5 and S1 on both sides. She ordered an MRI of my head (because of slight blurrines in my right eye) and MRI of low back. She also gave me some pills ( Lyrica and some other). They didn’t helped a lot, except for my anxiety a little bit.

Also my blood tests showed low B12 and Iron.

3 days ago i did those MRIs, my head is clear again and but MRI of low back showed - Some degeneration of L discs but no nerve compression!

My right leg is still weak, also as my right arm a little bit ( but arm is better off and on and the leg is worse)

Now my questions are:

Can i have no nerve compression on MRI but my EMNG showed nerve damage from L4, L5 and S1 lesions..??

Can i have muscle twitching from back issues or is it something else?

Why could be the problem with my right arm ?

Will my right leg be weak forever? (6 weeks so far).

Could some of my symptoms be due to B12 deficiency?

What else could explain my symptoms???

Please help me!

Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance!

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