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Started by Shed on 02/01/2019 6:09am

Went to doctor asked if he could send me for vascular testing because I'm having so much pain in my legs I cant walk every step I take is so painful especially in my groin area . It is in the front of my upper legs down the back in my butt so had testing done and it came back fine for vascular. Now I don't know what to do family doctor sending me back to pain clinic were they will cut my pain meds way back because of the bullshit going on with that the doctors don't care as soon as they see your on oxycontin or condone they forget why you came to see them they just focus on how there going to cut your meds back I've been on the same dose for 10 years or more now all of a sudden it's to much I wish they could walk a day in my shoes (that is the days I can even walk) just discussed and still don't know what's wrong with my legs

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