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Husband had two spinal fusions L4-L5-S1, still having "screw pain"

Started by cmarx84 on 01/29/2019 9:34pm

My husband has had two back surgeries (46 years old, worker's comp-related):

-L4-L5/ L5-S1 TLIF fusion in August 2017
-re-do of L5-S1 fusion in November 2018, plus decompression to relieve spinal stenosis (spine was cut open). Larger diameter screws were put in at L5-S1 to help the fusion heal

Scar tissue grew over the spinal nerve after the first surgery, causing it to become compressed again.. Since the November surgery, his nerve pain is much better, but he still has a great deal of what he calls "screw pain." This is pain around the surgical site, where he swears he can "feel" the screws. He had this same pain after the first surgery and it didn't subside; the ortho claims this was due to the fusion not completely healing.

He is just over two months out of the last surgery so he still has several months of healing, but we are concerned about this "screw pain" possibly not subsiding. Has anyone had a similar situation or any advice? We're just frustrated overall as he hasn't worked in over two years due to this injury and the pain. SSA disability claim takes a long time, and worker's comp is still pending court date (we have lawyers for both SSA and WC thank goodness). He gets frustrated and a little depressed from having to be at home all day and not able to help with income and house stuff, etc.


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I am 1 week since screw replacements and other repair to an 11year old fusions. Last night I lived through the night of horrors. Oxocodone pills and a nerve pill did not relieve pain..diarrhea onset to really mess me up. Wife is a 75 year angel and hung in there with me through . My inner core has developed a creaky crunchy sound whenI stand from sitting. I am 79 and have never heard of joints so squeaky. Not looking forward to nightfall and more pain.