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Possible surgery - I’m scared but if pain can be relieved I’m ready for the surgery!

Started by AP on 01/27/2019 6:54pm

Hello everyone! I’m brand new to this forum, and I’m glad I happened across it when I was searching for info online. It’s been interesting reading all your comments.

I’ve got a visit with a neurosurgeon next week who specializes in scoliosis and spine deformity surgery. I will get full body xrays
before he sees me. I keep reading posts that I think apply to me, but I thought I’d try posting about my specific issues.

I have a vertebra out of alignment with the next one (L4-L5 I think) which needs to be nudged back into place. I also have pars defect at L5 , and I have scoliosis. The neurosurgeon who referred me to the specialist indicated that I might need an ALIF disc fusion and fixation. Has anyone on this forum had any experience with this combination of procedures?

I’ve not been scared/worried about the couple of past surgeries I’ve had for other conditions. But back surgery is a BIG deal, and it does scare me! I want to hear from others who have been there, who can talk about the pros and cons of their surgeries.

Thanks in advance!


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Spinal surgery has a 33% success rate, with a 33% chance of not changing anything and 33% chance of leaving you worse than you are now. Have you exhausted all other treatments such as physical therapy? Im not referring to 30 days with a therapist, I'm referring to a couple years with someone who can show you how to significantly improve your quality of life and minimize your symptoms. Keep in mind that any hardware they put in will eventually wear out and have to be replaced with additional surgeries. I am not a doctor but have been living with serious spinal and nerve damage for years and definitely felt I needed surgery the first few months given the amount of pain I was living with until I was-re-trained in how to move around, sleep, sit, stretch, etc...

The office where I work had two individuals with similar symptoms, only not as serious a diagnosis, both had failed surgeries that left them worse off. I walk normally as much as I can and pay attention to what my body is telling me. I carry around a collapsable walking cane in case I need the support and sit, lay down, stretch as my body demands, all of which have returned a great portion of normalcy to my life.