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Posted in: Back pain, Neck pain, and Whiplash.

Annular fissure 12 yr old girl

Started by Tasheyozz on 01/26/2019 6:14pm

Hi hoping someone might have had some experience and be able to shed some light. My daughter and I were travelling in a car at 110km he and had to swerve suddenly to the side to avoid a collision with another vehicle mwrgjng into our lane. I a oied the crash , no collision but my daughter sustained a neck injury from the sudden side movement. This was 7 days ago today. She spent the night in hospital and after imaging and mri found she has 2 fissures in the disc between c5/6 and c6/7. Her pain has not subsided and Rom is limited in flexible/extension as well as side flexion.

The worrying part is that her legs keep buckling and walking is difficult and painfully as she keeps collapsing. She was a healthy healthy flexible level 6 gymnast and now can’t stand or walk without her legs giving way.

Is this normal, should I be concerned, how long do we expect it to go on do?

Thank you in advance for any feedback /insights.

Worried mum.

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