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Failed back operation followed with pain

Started by Kathpels on 01/20/2019 3:45pm

My mom had a laminectomy where they put spaces in L3&4/4&5 in April 2018. 3 months bed ridden (where her appendix burst and had to go back into hospital) she finally made a recovery and is now back at work and doing most of her daily routines. She however has post traumatic stress and cannot even fathem the idea of going back to hospital.

After not being able to deal with pain any longer she went to a different neurosurgeon who after x-rays and MRI’s had told her that her entire back had collapsed and she now has severe scoliosis. Her one leg appears shorter than the other, she walks with a limp, has a buldge over L3&4 and is in constant pain. She is becoming very depressed and frustrated . The surgeon says she will have to have another operation where they will do a fusion , and put rods in to straighten up her spine.

I desperately need advice on pain management or anything that might give her relief . She is already on heavy pain meds , I massage her daily and do light stretches with her ( I am a qualified biokineticist ) and she uses a TENS machine. It’s heart breaking and devastating that 9 months down the line she is in so much pain and cannot do the things she would normally do , or not be able to be out of bed for a couple of hours without being in pain. She is only 50 years old and is always up and about, however the pain restricts her with everything.

Please , if anyone has advice on either pain management or what we can do going further regarding surgery or rehabilitation and therapy .

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Hi Kathpels,
I am zither same age as your Mom and struggling with severe pain. I’ve had back problems for the past 20 years. Last April I had a spinal fusion L2-L3 and decompressed L4-L5. Things were good for 6 months and then everything fell apart. As my surgeon says my back blew up! So, 9 months after the first surgery we went back in and fused L2-S2, cages, rods and screws. During surgery my L5 nerve root was badly, but not permenantly damaged. I’m 4 weeks post op and my back is feeling great, but that damaged nerve is the most painful think Ive ever faced. They don’t know how long it will take for the nerve to heal and pain to reside. This footdrop from the swollen nerve has me walking funny and tripping. And the pain is constant. The only way to get away from it is load up a blend of meds and knock myself out for a few hours. I’m really glad I did the second surgery, and can already feel how much better my back is


Thank you so much for your story .
My mom has been told she needs to get a fusion, and I have heard a lot of positive stories from fusions , so I really hope she goes through with it.
I wish you all the best with your recovery