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Cant walk, sit down 5 min and I am good for little while longer....??

Started by Ohjoy1961 on 01/15/2019 7:44pm

L5 S1 1993 PLUS REVISION 1997 AND 1997, STIMULATOR IMPLAMTED AND WORKED GOOD TILL 2015, MY KNEE WENT OUT AND KNEE REPLACEMENT IN 2017 AND IT QUIT WORKING, 2017 LUNG CANCER AND 8 MONTHS OF DOING NOTHIMG HAS PUT ME FLAT IN BED, NO IDEAL, CT scan 2015 but it burns, feels like I am carrying a 100lb dead weight...standing I cry each step I take, 5 mins sitting . I am good to go, until pain hits again, 25 years, could scare tissue cause this, trying to strengthen back, chemo made me lose my get up and. Go. Any ideals ? I hate pain pills.

What do I loo.k for, another MRI? CT ? I AM 57 6,'3 FEMALE ANY ANSWER ANYONE

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Im a male 51 yrs old , had a common surgery in about same area L4-L5 and about 6 wks after surgery i was in a car accident , i dont know if thats why the scar tissue started but after my car accident i began to have pain in the same area as surgery went to UCSF