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Returning to work with No Restrictions

Started by lowback on 01/05/2019 2:46pm

Claim filed, MRI L-4 disc bulge, L-5 S-1 disc protrusion about 3 months ago
Was refered to sports medicine rehabilitation specialist at an orthopedic office.
In 8 weeks I did 3 ESI in low back and PT.
I'm much better, once I figured out not to forward bend and cut out alot
of bending stretches PT recommended. I have to get back to work finacially and '
the DR said it was a good idea to try.
He released me to work with No Restrictions. Follow up 3 weeks after return to work date.
However when I got my 3rd and last ESI, he said he was going to write
me a referral to a neurosurgeon and I might be a candidate for surgery but he
wasn't sure because he is not a surgeon. When he looked at my MRI images
he always said the discs didn't look that bad and I should fully recover in 6-12 months.
DR said I should learn to live with the pain and deal with it or go see a surgeon.
So when I told the nurse case manager my return to work date, she said she was closing this
out and would keep the medical open. I dont have a lawyer at this time so I'm not sure what
she mean't by closing this out. My plan is to go to work and see how my back is when I go for
the follow up and decide if I need to see the surgeon.
Any replies or comments appreciated. So far IC doing everything they should and I've had no problems.
Goodluck to all of you with pain and injuries. Please research Stewart McGill and some of his methods
can really help you.

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