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Trying to figure out my next step, 8 years later.

Started by mirabilioc92 on 01/03/2019 9:51pm

8 years ago I got a neck fusion done on my c2 and c3 bones. For a few years after I felt really good. But I think going through three pregnancies kinda shifted things in the other direction. After having my daughter 2 years ago, I now have bad pain in my spine between my shoulder blades, constant cracking and sometimes a burning like sensation. I also have felt pains in my lower back and hip bones but not as much. Also in the arwa that I got fired, where the metal rods and screws were used, I think its the screws im feeling, but it swells up sometimes to the point I can practically grab it in between my fingers. The only way to relieve the pain is to push on it and hold it until it stops. Any advice on what I should do? Should I go see a doctor about it and get it looked at? Or just skip the doctors and try and see if a chiropractor can help me. I'm very confused about what to do at this point.

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