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T7-8 injury from being thrown from a horse years ago

Started by mary207 on 01/02/2019 5:15pm

so I have this T7-8 injury...before the neurosurgeon told me it was herniated but this new report does not clearly say that so I am confused...also could this cause my pain wrapping around the right side of my ribs ..??? thanks

MRI of the thoracic spine was obtained with sagittal T1, proton-density,
and T2-weighted images. Additionally, there are axial T1 and T2-weighted
images through the thoracic spine.

Comparison is made to previous MRI of the thoracic spine dated


At T7-8, there is a mild disc osteophyte complex which is eccentric to
the right resulting in a mild degree of canal stenosis. No other level
of significant canal or foraminal stenotic change is noted within the
thoracic spine. No significant interval change is seen since the
previous exam.

The thoracic spinal cord has normal signal intensity. There are no
pathological areas of marrow replacement. There is maintenance of
vertebral body height. Endplate osteophytic changes are noted in
multiple levels of the thoracic spine extending from T3-4 down to T9-10.
Degenerative endplate marrow changes are noted at the T9-10 level.

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Hi, Yes I believe that can stenosis from osteophyte could definitely cause pain around the right side of your rib. The report does not say it is herniated which is good.

I have a larger t6/7 herniated calcified disc causing a pressure feeling in my chest. It is compressing my spinal cord. I get pains around my chest. It is causing moderate can stenosis. I also have a left pernineural cyst at t10/11 and get pain around my side on the left from that at times.

They are hesitant to operate in Thoracic area unless spinal cord showing signs of damage. It is a big operation with substantial risks.

All the best. I hope your pain subsides soon.