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Pain in hip and thigh after L5/s1 Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion

Started by jschayes on 01/01/2019 10:35pm

Hello Everyone
It has been two weeks since I had Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion at L5/S1. the incision pain has more the most part gone away. The back pain is getting better everyday, but I have had horrible pain in my hip and thigh that started about two or three days after surgery, This is not like any of the pain I had before. It feels like nothing I have had before I have never pulled any muscles in my hip or thigh before so I don't know if that is what I did but as I am barely moving especially when the pain started I cant see how I did that. I called my doctor as it has kept me up at night but they RN just said its normal. As I dont know anyone personally that has had this, I cant see if this happened to them. So I wanted to know if anyone has had this happen after surgery especially when they did not before surgery, The pain has not got better, it has not got worse but that is the issue. It hurts and nothing is helping and it is not getting better. If you have had this happen I would love to know if it is normal, how long it last for and if you did anything to help it out? Also the pain doesn't change on what I am doing walking or sitting but it seems worse when I lay on my back.


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Had entire lumbar fused 2011 and 2016 I had similar fromblems your explaining. They gave me anti inflamatory drugs t o ease this isssue hope this helps you out