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Spinal Stenosis, spondylothesis, disc degenerative disease and a cyst

Started by GenieBoo. on 12/30/2018 9:50am

Hi Guys
New to the forum. Wondering If I should go on with my spinal fusion surgery? I have had excruciating pain for 13mos. I have done all conservative therapies, injections and medications, I walked with a cane for 4mos, couldn’t sit and couldn’t drive. Miraculously 6weeks ahí the pain went from a 10 to a 3 . The surgery is scheduled for Jan. 9th a few days away.
Im wondering should I go threw with it, keep in mind I also have 2 cysts sitting directly on my spine. The only thing I can’t do now is stand for to long, I still have the burning in both calves, it’s way less pain than it was.

Has anyone experienced this, do you guys think it’s going away on it’s on?
Please advise.... I’m confused.

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Hi GenieBoo,
I had a similar dilemma! I have spinal stenosis, broken vertebra, spondylothesis, retrolisthesis, DDD, herniated discs, spinal cyst attached to the cord/rural sac at L5, extreme sciatic pain, numbness in my groin, legs and feet. In April 2018 I had a fusion L2-L3, decompression at L5-S1. That was great for 6 months, but then ALL THE PAIN CAME BACK! We looked again with MRIs and CATScan and two vertebra we’re unstable slipped backwards, disc ruptured and a cyst. Things had gotten worse than before my first surgery and it was excruciating. We planned surgery for Jan 2019. To help me get through the holidays I took steroids. Things felt really good! It really made me question another surgery. But, I kept going back to all the images with all the damage and knew that they could dose me up to stop pain short term, but that kind of damage doesn’t heal itself. I had surgery Jan 2, 2019 Fusing my L2-S2 with 2 Rods, 12 screws and 32 staples

The past 8 days since surgery have sucked! But I know we’ve fixed the problems and if I can be patient and slowly rebuild strength, I can move forward with life. Good Luck with your decision! If you want to chat send me an email, Nat