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dire need of positivity for l4-s1 spinal fusion Monday! 3 from now !!

Started by klertch13 on 12/14/2018 10:47pm

hi all!
i’m praying that fate has a person out there right now who can mentor me on my spinal fusion on monday. love my doc just scared as hell. i have read that fusion is what u make it and positivity toward ur results is the key to making it worth it. anyone out there that can give me positive advice ? feeling so scared and need some support :(


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Hi Kathryn! I remember being scared before my surgery. The one thing I remember was that the pain I had before surgery was gone! You’ll feel sore and I thought of it as a really good workout! A couple of things that helped calm my nerves once I got to the hospital and the OR was getting to know the staff talking about them and not my surgery also I sang when they started putting me under. You’ve got this!


Hi, Kathryn--thanks for your post! We commend you for seeking out positive thoughts prior to your spine surgery. Going into your procedure with a good outlook may make a big difference in your surgery outcomes!

We'd like to share this first-hand account of one of our readers who shared her positive spine surgery experience. Perhaps it will help give you some reassurance and tips for success: ( Can You Make Spine Surgery a Positive Experience? I Did! )

We're sending you many wishes for a safe surgery, speedy recovery, and many years free of pain!


Hi Kathryn,
I had spinal fusion s1-l4 posterior (surgery from the back), I'm 33 in the u.k married and have a 3year old child who post op I couldn't pick up, although still working and continuing with life as had spondylolisthesis for 12 years (stress fractures of pars joint from excessive exercise from boxing) I managed with physio for 10years last 2 years really affecting my activity levels and also experienced 1 years worth of scoliosis (curved spine).
I had op 14th October this year and I will say that it has cured my back pain I am truly straight for the 1st time probably in 10 years, I can limited at the minute pick my daughter up! Try not to worry about the operation my wife said that I seemed relaxed pre op, but was as you worried as to what would be the outcome. I found that the pain post op was no worse than when my back would spasm pre op but would just be there for a a week or 2 constantly and then steadily decrease but expect bad days you will feel like you have gone backwards some days just rest and go again I walked alot through recovery (1.5miles a day) this was painful but I set little goals like walked to the hair dressers or to a shop to buy a paper, I'd walk to town and have lunch with my pal, just do things to keep you occupied.
You won't sleep well that is hard and for me being constipated in hospital was more uncomfortable/painful than anything else, one word of advice don't concentrate on pains, sensation etc just concentrate on what you have achieved daily ie. Walking, then walking in aided, picking something up from the floor (advise practicing lunging correctly meant I could pick things up on my own easily), even putting your socks on in less than 10 minutes it's all progress concentrate on that post op. Pre op concentrate on what you are going to get out of the operation in 6month -12 months time. Also other people have lots of levels fused at a time so it could be alot worse! Make sure you have good people around you aswell and be positive.