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Posted in: Back pain, and Herniated disc.

L4, L5 - Pinched Nerves causing unexplained pain?

Started by cjazz on 11/08/2018 8:00pm

I am a 63 year male and I have been suffering with a number of issues over a number of years. The problems that I have is pain in my lower back, left hip, left groin area and left testicle also when the pain is at it's worse it seems to cause frequent urination. After a number of tests from urology it was diagnosed that I was suffering with BPH, which I now take medication for. However, the urology department could not understand why I was suffering with pain in my back etc..

I was referred to have a MRI scan on my lower back and the findings were that my L4 L5 disc were bulged which was causing pinched nerves (narrowing of a nerve canal). The consultant said that this was probably the cause of the pain in my hip and surgery was not recommended and that I should try to exercise more. The consultant said that there was no connection to my pain in my groin and testicle area and the frequent urination when the pain is at it's worse, which I found strange because there a number of similar reports that L4 L5 problems can cause similar problems to what I have been experiencing.

My question is can pinched nerves in the L4 L5 areas cause pains in the groin, testicle and cause frequent urination?

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Hi, cjazz--thanks for your post! Your description of your symptoms made us think of neurogenic bladder disorder. You can read more about that here: ( Spinal Disorders May Cause Neurogenic Bladder Disorder or Dysfunction )

We're not medical professionals, so we can't say for sure whether your L4-L5 problems are linked to your bladder dysfunction. However, it's important to have the issue addressed, if that is the case. That said, our best advice is to seek a second opinion with a different spine specialist to confirm whether your bladder and back issues are not related.

We hope this information helps, and we hope you find the answers you need soon!