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Bad spinal fusion? Extreme pain 1 year after?

Started by Kasiebarnes33 on 11/06/2018 8:50am

After reading everyone's story I'm kind of teared up. I was 13 years old when I herniated L4 L5 S1. I had surgery at age 14 they gave me a laminectomy. That was after they did the big needle thing to try and relieve pressure after numbing me 16 times with 16 different needles you would think that they would put you to sleep for this especially being 14 years old? When they put the big needle into my lower spine my neck cracked and I started freaking out and moving all over the table with this big needle in my back and I think I did damage to it? Since then I've been in four major car accidents my ex boyfriend ran me over trying to kill me. And I got tossed off of a boat going approximately 50 miles an hour on the water. We almost hit a sandbar so he turn the wheel abruptly and I projected up and out doing approximately five or six somersaults and then landed on my neck. I r e herniated my last surgery when I was 14 that's why I just had this back fusion. I was off all medication up until this last boating accident but I tell you what I really wish I hadn't had this back fusion surgery because I've got so much pain in my hips and pressure in my bottom of my spine I can't even hardly breathe at times and I'm on very hard medication Oxycontin 15 mg time extended-release tabs and 10 mg Percocets. I've been trying to get an MRI since my surgery because of all of this new pain issues I'm having But They keep denying me this? You would think that if my insurance can pay for $165,000 surgery that they would also be able to give me an MRI after my surgery which was about a year ago? I have so many questions I feel like I'm not getting taken care of properly. I haven't been able to work pretty much my whole life Unless I get lucky and somebody gave me a job that knew me knowing that I wouldn't be able to perform duties like everyone else. I applied for Social Security when I was 15 years old because I was on my own since age 13 and I didn't have any help. I've now applied about 7 times and been denied each time. I now have a lawyer working on my case however I just got denied again so we're going through the appeal process with that. I can't really use my arms because of all of the numbness in my last three fingers on both hands everytime I try to put my arm up I get extreme pain in my middle of my chest and it hurts to breathe so bad sometimes I think I'm going to die. My doctors have no answers for me and they seem to just rush me out of the office. I'm in therapy because now I suffer from extreme anxiety attacks and I have PTSD and extreme depression and everything else that would go into play with these symptoms being so bad from pain. after reading everyone else's stories I realize I'm not the only one in pain like this. So basically now I have to learn to deal with all the new pain from the stupid surgery I had. I didn't have hip pain that radiates and to my groin before the surgery. I didn't have as much pain in my upper body as I do now after that fusion surgery. It's like it moved the pain from one place to the other ? The pills dnt touch it much . I'm being told I need another Fusion in my neck to correct all these other issues but I don't believe that it's going to work I want to be able to move my neck and not be stiff all the time. Because I can't bend it all now that I had this bottom Fusion. I can't put any weight in front of my body not even a half a gallon of milk. And before this I had no problems like that I just had the pain in my leg when I would lay down. And now I'm dealing with 10 other issues plus feeling like I'm dying everyday when I wake up I physically feel like I'm dying. My body can't snap out of it I can't physically hardly move in the morning without a walker. This is a year after the surgery. I was told I'd feel better after 3 months or so? And now they can't even get me an MRI to check and see if this stupid screws have come off or are on my nerve. You would think that somebody in this much pain after surgery that they would like do something about it? My right leg has been going completely numb kind of like dead to where I feel like I'm pulling it behind me sometimes kind of dragging it maybe? That's also new since the surgery. I have so much pressure in the middle of my shoulder blades kind of like somebody stabbing a knife in my spine or something Sharp? I know it comes from all the bulging discs. having this many bulging discs is a joke. I feel like a 90 year old woman. I also have levio scoliosis, servier Stenosis,lumbar disc disease, Sciatic nerve damage,server joint disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia,. severe narrowing of the cervical spine. and there's more I'm sure but I don't have my MRI in front of me. this is horrible considering I'm only 39 years old and I feel like a 90 year old woman like I said. I just feel like my doctors aren't doing anything about this other than throwing me medication? What else should they be doing for About this other than throwing me medicati? I've already gone through all my physical therapy that my insurance would pay for. My physical therapist said I'm as weak as water

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