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Grandfather looses legs when standing but has full mobilty when sitting or laying

Started by Kenc on 11/01/2018 8:17pm

Hi im ken
my grandfather fell and has three compund fractures in his spine he will be 90 thanksgiving
...2 are old and one is new... they finally magaged to get his pain in somewhat of a check... but when he stands he looses all use of his legs... but has passed all the tests laying down. He can lift and push and pull and all that w his legs laying down and has full mobility ... they did mri and catscan and all kinds of tests .they gave him a epidural last night ...which didnt seem to even kick in till today. .. now there talking about sending him to a rehab .. still not knowing what is causeing the loss of use when standing ..... anyone who can help with ideas on tests or ideas on what they could check ... i appreciate it ..
Funny thing they havent given him any anti inflammatory s u would think they would given the fractures ...
He has been in the hospital 11 days
We are afraid they will send him to a rehab and the rehab people will make ut worse not knowing what the problem really is
I took video of him if that helps ...
Please help us

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