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Opinions on surgery or no surgery

Started by Peppa on 10/20/2018 12:57am

I am 34 years old... About 4 months ago my left leg started going numb. At first it was every so ofen and recently it has been more often. I went to the chiropractor and the next day the pain was unbearable so i went to the orthopedic doctor. He ordered xrays so I did them and he said my L5 and s1 is out of place. And a stage 1. He told me my options were physical therapy for 2 weeks and then I could get an mri. But so far the physical therapy is making me feel worse. So we have talked a little bit about seeing a back surgeon or neurosurgeon. I have read some of the stories on here and I really dont want to be on pain pills the rest of my life. So just trying to get opionions onwhat I should do???!?!

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