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Broken screws

Started by T.Carter on 10/19/2018 6:52pm

Hi i am a 47 yr old female with 22 screws and rod i had everything you could think of wrong with my back.scoliosis herniated disc disc bulging and buckling sciatica bone spurs spinal stenosis...well i had the big surgery in 2013 .everthing but nerve damage was all i had to really deal with and not being able to walk long distances such as around a mall was out of the question. Well i was on three different nerve meds and when i take them i tend to do crazy things one of which i fall out the bed ... Well every since this last fall i jave been in great pain wondering if i could have broken one of my screws?

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I had my last (3rd) spinal fusion of L1-S1 in 2008 it was anterior and posterior. Over the last 10 years I have had nothing but pain, much of it nerve pain and everything they put me on made me do things. The worst one was gabapenten Neurontin! I would do things while asleep but in was dreamy I knew some of what I was doing but wasn't able to stop until I was awake. I was unscrewing a light bulb from the lamp, it was curly tube bulbs, I was trying to eat it! I was trying to pull a piece off and then as I was gnawing on it I woke up! Thankfully I don't have bottom teeth and was not hurt while doing this. Another time I had veg. oil on the stove from supper, I got a glass and poured oil in and then added milk from the frig! Drinking it woke me up! I don't drink milk. Again squirted some orange fantastik counter cleaner into my mouth. I slept walked at my parents house and walked off a set of steps 3 feet high seriously sprained both ankles! I stopped taking these neurologic medicines because each incident was worse, if you read up on it, this med doesn't filter through the liver like most meds and it is filtered by the kidneys and it builds up in your urine, so the half life of it gets reabsorbed from your bladder, mine was worse than most as I have serious bladder issues, so my bladder doesn't empty like it should. If you are on this med or others do your do diligence and read up on these neurologic medicines.