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Chronic back pain L5L4

Started by Viv1967 on 10/12/2018 1:42pm

For years I been going through Chronic severe lower back pain left side worse than right side now since it been about 15 years I finally got back surgery on the left side 4 screws at my spine .this happen 1 year ago June 28 2017 it's okay now I had a slip and fall in June this year after being 1 year with back surgery when I fell I hurt the right side not the left side so now I'm dealing with severe pain on the right side with my L5 L1 lower back on the right side pain clinic taking about doing injections I had those before on both sides it didn't work before my surgery my nerves are damage on the right side of my body it's not a good feeling to keep felling this pain I had to retired from working after ,37 years in working 23 jobs wow my journal been something I had surgery on both feet I have screws in both feet both knees replacement the left is good the right one is bad 3 years ago for the left 4 years for the right they giving back money on the tools that been use in my left knee it's call Dupuy Argue thsts the name of the tools then I just got left side of back done last year now right side acting up one more surgery I no I'm going to have to get so all the pain I'm dealing with the medications comes it down it don't take the pain away at all .getting these injections I think is not good when u dealing with the Spain.

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