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Undiagnosed condition.

Started by KatFD on 10/08/2018 2:17pm

Hello, New to Community. My condition is strange and troubling. I tripped over a box (this past Memorial Day), and fell on my left side. I tried to stop my fall with my right arm but not successful. I was able to get up with no apparent problem. About a week later, I began to experience pain in my left hip that shot down my leg and nearly put me on the floor. (I also had strange, and literally creepy, sensations traveling across my right shoulder, though that is not for this discussion, unless possibly related). The pain in my hip shot down my left leg and, at times, almost put me on the floor. I called my doc, got a quick appt, and he sent me for an Xray of my hip, since that was where the pain seemed to originate from. Not only was there no crack/fracture to my hip, I have no arthritis there. Good for me! He sent me to PT and the therapist decided that my pelvis was out of alignment. I went for 6 weeks, 2X a week and did exercises at home. The outcome was the same, no better no worse. We agreed that I would continue at home. I did, still no better or worse. But, now pain is MUCH worse. The trigger seemed to be transition from sitting to standing, and I discovered that an "Elvis pelvis' swivel helped. Now, I can find no trigger, nor relief. Can anyone identify with this and suggest which specialty doc I should contact? I would like to find someone who can at least prescribe an MRI, there are no spine docs near me NE CT, though I will travel on strong recommendation. I'm worried that this will happen one day at work. Thank you for reading my story and I appreciate anyone who has suggestions.

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