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Intrathecal Dilaudid?

Started by Dragonfly4ever on 09/30/2018 12:25pm

I have a Medtronic pain pump. It was implanted in 2013. My dose per day was almost 5 mg. My new pain management doctor says the morphine has pretty much become non effective. I agree to wean down to 1.5 mg per day at a rate of 12% per week.
Once I got to 1.5 mg the pain was just more than I could take plus the withdrawal symptoms weren't manageable anymore. I began to go to a very dark place. I informed my doctor and he agreed to add Hydrocodone 10/325, up to 5 tablets per day as needed.
This has helped emensly. On November 8th I will have the remaining morphine removed and normal saline put in my pump for 2 weeks. Then my doctor will start me on Dulaudid (microdosing) in my pump. My question is this, do any of you have Dilaudid in your Intrathecal Pain Pump, and, how does it work for you? I do thank you in advance for your answers.

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